How far are you willing to go for a photo?

What makes a good photo? Clearly, composition, light, subject. But also the courage to go beyond your possibilities. Understand what you are photographing. Today I will talk about the fact that sometimes it's necessary to climb into the water, lie down in the mud or climb on the barrel.

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Harvest 2020

To the cellar, everything, and as quickly as possible. This year harvest was a little different than the previous ones. This time something unexpected happened, something a little special. What? I'll tell you about it now. And it's not a corona virus.

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How I can use my photos, or is it other way around?

Uff, so I have some photos and now what about them? No, it shouldn't start like this. Many of you, and indeed us, sometimes think the other way around. First take a pictures and then you think about what to do with them. I'll tell you a secret. Try the other way around. First figure out what you want to do and then look for a photographer. Ideally good to help you meet your goal. And it doesn't have to be just me.

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Photography in time of quarantine

When you watch movies, do you ever think of you having a rather ordinary life and only movies or books move you into interesting alternative worlds? Sometimes you want a little drama.

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Great story is about research

For the story to make sense, no matter if I take a historical photo or something timeless, like wine. But for the story to work, everything around it has to make sense. Environment, accessories, mood and mainly subject. The WWII soldier will not work for you in the middle of a functionalist settlement, as will the business man at the castle.

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How much retouch is enough?

At the moment it’s time to retouch, because these are exactly the things that do not belong in the photo. What is retouch? By retouching we remove inappropriate things and add appropriate things. This archaic definition is close to the truth.

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