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scotch whisky map
Isle of Islay, Scotland / 2020

Scotch Whisky

Scotland. Isle of Islay. It all started there. At least our story. A story about a fight with nature, constantly changing weather and honest craft. The very first whisky was created in Scotland.

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scotch whisky and how it's been made
scotch whisky and how it's been made
scotch whisky and how it's been made
jatiluwih rice terraces map
Indonesia / 2019

Farmers of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

We spent just over two weeks on the Indonesian island of Bali. After a few days, we got a fairly clear idea of ​​what we would see around us all the time. Ubiquitous motorbikes and rice fields.

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jatiluwih rice terraces
jatiluwih rice terraces
jatiluwih rice terraces
South Moravia / 2019

Charity calendar for healthy nature

Possibility to return something. Every year I see with my own eyes how the landscape around us changes. Water is diminishing, pests are invading trees, nature is suffering. My greatest fear begins and ends with what I do in my life will never affect the world around me.

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Gala vinařství
Lojda vinařství

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