Tuscany & Piemonte

When you think of honeymoon, many people imagine beaches, white sand and mojitos on a lounger. I imagine great food and wine.

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Colorful Thailand

A land full of sand, sparkling beaches and Buddhist temples. We were promised a clean sea, excellent cuisine and saved money. Will we get what we came for? And was it actually this? You will find out.

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Dark and cold Iceland

Iceland. In my head the land of fire and ice. Hard unbridled nature. Absolutely breathtaking views. Cleansing for soul and body. Those are the expectations. Will it be fulfiled? Partly.

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6 Unforgettable Experiences in Mexico: From Mezcal to Mayan Ruins

Mexico, a land of vibrant culture, rich history, and tantalizing cuisine, offers travelers a multitude of experiences to cherish. From sipping mezcal to exploring ancient Mayan ruins, this diverse country is a treasure trove of unforgettable moments. In this article, we'll delve into 6 must-see and must-do activities that will immerse you in the true essence of Mexico.

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Exploring the magic of Mexico: The ultimate road trip

Mexico. A wild and dangerous land for some. For me, a place of a thousand colors, pure character, tradition and culture, incredibly great food and magical nature.

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Discovering Isle of Islay: Whisky, Wildlife, and Wonders

Islay, a Scottish island known for producing the world's best whisky, offers unique experiences for enthusiasts through distillery tours and tastings amidst raw natural landscapes.

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