I help wineries to be different.

Great wine doesn’t mean you will sell it easily. Sometimes great product is not enought.
I help wineries to become something more.

Identity. Difference.

What makes a difference? Identity. Is it a color, brand, a feeling? Yes. It’s all of that and more. To win this game, you have to be different than others. You can have great wine, healthy vineyards and strong history. But if you can’t tell the story, you won’t sell it. Every winery has something special. It could be a cellar, philosophy, or people. Your storytelling and communication have to be consistent.

Exclusivity. Competition.

How I ensure your neighbor won’t have same photos and videos as you? I never work for competitors. I usually choose only one winery from the area. I’m loyal to my clients, friends. Together we create something what makes sense for them, and eventualy for me.

Tell your story.

At Krasná Hora winery, we document their biodynamic processes during the year. We try to show that natural winemaking isn’t magic and quackery. We think it’s something what’s worth fighting for.

This preparate is made from cow excrements put into cow's horns. In the autumn they are buried in the ground and in the spring they are dug again so that they can be mixed and used as a natural spray. It supports the activity of soil organisms, plant rooting and the construction of humus.

Healthy nature is everything

Together with 12 winemakers of South Moravia we created a project, a calendar. Its sales go to help the nature, specialy the strategic planting of trees, which is associated with maintaining water in the landscape and restoring life to the soil.

My greatest fear begins and ends with what I do in my life will never affect the world around me. On a large scale, it probably never does, but I got the opportunity to influence at least a small piece.

In the cellar

Why the wine bottles photos need to be boring? White background and still bottle. It could be much better. Show your bottles in their natural environment.

What if one of the stories could be yours?

I will help you tell it. I will help you be different.

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