Fight the Iron Curtain

It’s a year 1955. Second world war is over for a long time. Soviets freed us but they never left. War for a truth and freedom is still ongoing. That’s time of pre-normalization, overseen, forgotten. Young woman is looking for a better world and going on the journey away from her home, forever away from everything what she knows. When she wants to cross the border, she’s been stopped by a patrol. Borders are closed to everyone. No one can go inside and no one can go outside. Borders are closed.

After long and cold night sun is finally waking up. Young woman is running from the patrol. She’s not alone. She met "King of Šumava" Kilian in the woods. Fearless smuggler who is helping on her dangerous path to freedom. Together they’re escaping from the horrors and wrongdoing that police and politics did during the times of pre-normalization on Czech citizens. Hope they’ll get away through the wild Šumava.

This could and probably was a real story of many brave people from Czech Republic. Hail to the heroes and learn from our mistakes.