I will teach you magic

What if you could get a maximum from your photos

Use 100% of the photo potential

Move your photos on the another level using everything possible.

Learn faster, easier flow

Your edit will be non-destructible, build on strong fundamentals.

For all retouch skill levels

Not every retouch needs to be complicated. We'll start where you ended.

Right now, you have two options how to invest to yourself

Personal Coach

Online / or in-person | Anywhere | $399

Personal Coach? How it works?

I'll teach you everything I know

I'm gonna give your advices you wouldn't find on Youtube. Together we will push your photos to the edge and you will finally trust yourself in retouching.


Invest 10 hours within 1 month to yourself

How it works?

  • Show me your portfolio and .PSD files.
  • I’ll study them and learn what you are struggling with.
  • You choose few of your photos we’re gonna be working on.
  • I’ll teach you new, easy and efficient techniques how to retouch them.
  • Each day I’m gonna comment and show what can be done better.
  • We evaluate what you learned, how to use it in future.
  • Send me your photos for commentary in future.

What's included

  • Minimum of 10 hours of coaching within 1 month period.
  • We'll make at least 5 of your photos perfect.
  • Simple tutorial videos for excercising your skills.
  • Colorful notes and comments on your photos.
  • Online or in-person skype calls (when you stuck).
  • Future photos commentary.

Do you have questions

Is it for me?

Coaching is for everyone. If you just started, we'll begin with essentials. I have different magic for professionals.

What should I prepare

Prepare few of your finished .PSDs, we'll go through that from A to Z. Put together 5 photos, we'll bring hem to another level.

What I need?

We'll be working with any Adobe Photoshop version.

Now you know everything?

We'll discuss the rest in mail

Contact me